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More popular than ever - the social media GIF explosion. 

They are becoming so popular Twitter is set to add special functionality.  They’re great to use with Social Media but also on your website.  What are they? GIFs (pronounced ‘Jif’) are an old technology which is more popular than ever, captivating audiences and adding fun to your social.   

What then is a GIF?  I came across an article not so long ago which described them as “the moving pictures in those Harry Potter newspapers….”  Really they are a series of images, which appear just like a short video and endlessly loop over and over.

So why are they so appealing  to people?  These are images with punch! You don’t need apply lots of attention.  They can be funny, entertaining, memorable and eye-catching.

Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Tumblr all now support using GIFs and all will now autoplay them (providing your personal settings allow).  There are also ways to include them in your Instagram posts, which automatically loops your video posts.  So social networks are now embracing GIFs, because they understand just how engaging these things are.  And as such you can bet your bottom dollar most other quality platforms will follow suit.

And it gets better… even websites can support this functionality.

Be seen, be visual.  Put some GIFs in your social!

About the author

Tony Walton is the head honcho here at Excelsier, and he knows social media both inside and out. Not only that, but he's a fine fellow who loves nothing more than to help other businesses grow and flourish via their use of social media. He also brews a mean cuppa, so if you fancy learning more about how social media can be used effectively to boost your business AND enjoy a decent beverage at the same time, then you couldn't be in better hands.

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