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Twitter Advertising has just stepped up a level. Seriously.

True, Twitter’s quarterly results haven’t been exciting, more disappointing, but the release of their new TwitterAds certainly shows that the Social Media Network still has what it takes, but more importantly what Brands need.

This new addition was originally tested by a number of selected brands earlier in the year which saw quite considerable viewing rates and with this success it will be made available to all advertisers.


So how does it work? In a nutshell the brand fan is enticed to click, reply, retweet in return to view the next stage of content or for example a sneak preview of a video trailer.

Step1: The advert teases the audience

Step2: The audience engages

Step3: The content is unlocked


This may not be something for all brands but the thinking is it will work especially well with brands such as those within the entertainment industry or in launching new products.  Time will tell.


The genius bit is, however, where it seems that it is the loyal brand followers which are doing all the work.

Well done Twitter.

About the author

Tony Walton is the head honcho here at Excelsier, and he knows social media both inside and out. Not only that, but he's a fine fellow who loves nothing more than to help other businesses grow and flourish via their use of social media. He also brews a mean cuppa, so if you fancy learning more about how social media can be used effectively to boost your business AND enjoy a decent beverage at the same time, then you couldn't be in better hands.

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