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How do we all make decisions? Intuition? Gut feel?

Would you really make decisions which affect your business purely based on guesswork? No, of course you wouldn’t. You would look at captured data and reports which help to drive your business.

Surprisingly though, many businesses don’t gather the facts or relevant data surrounding their social media marketing, and all because they don’t use analytics to help them.

Here are 5 questions you may want to consider, which, by using free support tools such as Google Analytics, you should be able to answer…

1. Which social networks work for my business?

Don’t get stuck using specific social media platforms such as Facebook, simply because you think you ought to be (each social network has it’s unique value). Different strokes for different folks! Arguably, all social media networks can work for your business, however each will work differently and give you differing gains, providing they are managed and used well. I suppose the question then should be ‘Which work best?’ and then being able to focus on those with which you have the resources to manage.

2. Is social media driving traffic to my website?

Hopefully, yes. But again, which platforms, or for that matter, which campaigns provide the best results. You can, quite easily, use ways to differentiate between traffic coming from Twitter or Facebook, traffic from your profile page or specific posts or even a multitude of marketing campaigns.


3. Is my content good enough?

Some marketing campaigns work well, others not-so-well. So why is that? If they’re not working well or they’re seriously under-performing maybe ask yourself, ‘Is it the content?’
Check your free analytics in Twitter of Facebook, which can give you insights into engagement.


4. Am I posting at the right times?

Your content may not be the problem but more to do with the time you post.

Recently I was asked by a small B2B business to review their social media activity and set up some customised reports in Google Analytics. During the audit I noticed their Twitter performance was completely ineffective; it hadn’t even got off the mark. Content was good, but no traffic was generated. Further investigation found the posts they had scheduled were all going out in the middle of the night, having not selected the correct time-zone on the scheduling platform!


5. Is it all worth it or am I just wasting my time?

Using social media for your business IS worthwhile, whether it is used for social listening and customer service, targeting potential clients or helping to get your website seen. However, you could be wasting your time if your business does not use social media in an effective way.

Analytics can help you to measure your ROI, giving you factual indications whether certain networks, mediums or campaigns are working.

And it’s not just your social media which you can measure.

Just remember, you won’t always get things right, so try things and review it.


About the author

Tony Walton is the head honcho here at Excelsier, and he knows social media both inside and out. Not only that, but he's a fine fellow who loves nothing more than to help other businesses grow and flourish via their use of social media. He also brews a mean cuppa, so if you fancy learning more about how social media can be used effectively to boost your business AND enjoy a decent beverage at the same time, then you couldn't be in better hands.

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