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It seems to be an ever increasing image of our High Streets, where ‘closing down’, ‘liquidation sale’ or ‘store closing’ signage still remains in an empty shell of a shop front.  The signage remains but there is no activity. 

This in a way has parallels with the many social media accounts we all view each week where the profile remains, but again, no activity.


Twitter Advertising has just stepped up a level. Seriously. True, Twitter’s quarterly results haven’t been exciting, more disappointing, but the release of their new TwitterAds certainly shows that the Social Media Network still has what it takes, but more importantly what Brands need. This new addition was originally tested by a number of selected brands earlier in the year ...

The UK has left the building! #Brexit now becomes #Brexited! The United Kingdom has voted to leave.  It’s now inevitable that we are due to feel some kind of economic turmoil (never mind political chaos), even if that is only a short-term pain, after the democratic decision to divorce ourselves from our European partners.  With both the ‘Exit’ and ‘Remain’ campaigns failing to ...

It is estimated that nearly a third of all small businesses in The States don’t have sufficient business credit history necessary for money lenders to evaluate whether they are creditworthy. As such lenders have been looking at alternative ways, using alternative data to determine whether they lend to a business which has no established credit history. Credit companies have re ...

Okay, I’m going to get this out of the way right now… “Engagement is the most important element of your social media!!!! You should be using social media to chat, discuss and network.”

Now I’ve said that, there’s a “however” coming…


It’s supposed to be easy. Well, it sounds like it should be.  You just start putting a few posts out on Instagram, a couple on Facebook each week and maybe three or four tweets each day.  How difficult is that?!?!  So simple you could give responsibility to your new apprentice.  A few weeks and there’ll be traffic speeding along to your website.


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Excelsier's clever and inventive use of the various social media platforms available coupled with their knowledge and insight make them an invaluable business connection.

Ross Lowe, Ross Lowe Copywriting, Derby

Excelsier's knowledge in not only the obvious social media platforms out there but also those little hidden gems is second to none.

Brian Milman-Hurst, MD at VOX Digital, Tamworth
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