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STOP! LOOK! LISTEN! – What Your Social Media Strategy Could Be Missing There are several components in building yourself a social media strategy, some of which we are more than familiar with.  In fact most of us could be guilty of placing too much emphasis on our content creation.  Yes, it is without doubt an important ingredient in using social media and many of us still rega ...

Sometimes we don’t always get the right advice from Social Media experts.  In fact some of what these gurus offer I’d probably class as a bit of a pork pie.  Maybe it’s not intentional; maybe just incompetence. 

We've put together three common misconceptions often fuelled by the mouths of Social Media experts...



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Excelsier's clever and inventive use of the various social media platforms available coupled with their knowledge and insight make them an invaluable business connection.

Ross Lowe, Ross Lowe Copywriting, Derby

Excelsier's knowledge in not only the obvious social media platforms out there but also those little hidden gems is second to none.

Brian Milman-Hurst, MD at VOX Digital, Tamworth
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