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Awareness of your social media performance is key in helping you make crucial business decisions, especially around customer service, marketing, SEO and sales.  It's much easier making decisions knowing all the facts, and having the right data.  After all, the decisions you make in the day to day running of your business are based on information your receive – what your colleagues, clients or suppliers tell you, reports or emails you read, or what you see online.  So why make decisions on your social media strategy without knowing the facts?  Worse still, not making any decisions at all – in effect, getting nowhere!

Analysing your Social Media data can provide you with a better self-awareness of how you are performing which in turn can help you plan ahead and make better informed decisions.  Are your posts engaging?  Are you posting at times where your audience will view it?  How much traffic to your website is being generated by you Social Media posts?

In the same way, understanding more about the traffic to your website, such as demographics, age and gender, location or devices used in browsing can give you insights into your audience.



Although some social media platforms provide some fantastic data, such as Twitter Analytics, it may not give you all the information you need.  For instance, do you which hours of the day give you the best results in terms of impressions, re-tweets, likes or user profile clicks?  Our analysis service can help to provide the answers to help you tweet more effectively.

Google Analytics

Why should your business be using Google Analytics?  Well, the answer is simple.  Google Analytics can tell you how much traffic you are getting to your website, give you insights into what your visitors are looking at and from where the traffic is coming.

If you don’t have any form of analysis in place, just how do you measure what is engaging to visitors and what is a complete turn-off? 

Did you know you can monitor traffic and clicks from specific marketing campaigns?  For instance, if you have two or three different social media marketing campaigns running simultaneously, you can still break down your traffic from a specific campaign.

Tweet Hours

For those avid tweeters who use Twitter Hours, Tweet Hours or Hashtag Hours to network and promote their business, we can provide analysis to help you identify which hours are giving you most value and those which, probably are just wasting your time.

If you want more answers from your social media analytics then get in touch.  



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Excelsier's clever and inventive use of the various social media platforms available coupled with their knowledge and insight make them an invaluable business connection.

Ross Lowe, Ross Lowe Copywriting, Derby

Excelsier's knowledge in not only the obvious social media platforms out there but also those little hidden gems is second to none.

Brian Milman-Hurst, MD at VOX Digital, Tamworth
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