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Video Content to drive your social media and website 

Regardless of which social media channels your business is using, whether it's Instagram or Twitter, Tumblr or Facebook, you need to grab the attention of your audience. And social media is now screaming out for more and more video content.

Using video, whether interactive video or as an explainer or animation, which is colourful, informative or attractive, can help snatch the attention of your audience - making your social media posts and website more engaging.


Social media loves the use of video and it's true, it will improve the performance of your posts by incorporating video marketing. In addition video can help explain products and services, as well as promote and advertise. Used together with social media it can reach your target audience and market. Video and social media complement each other so well!


 At Excelsier, we offer video marketing solutions which suit the personality and the needs of your business. Whether you have an event, a product or service to promote, video marketing could be the way to bolster your campaigns.

 Video Blogs

Although blogging and content marketing is a huge part of marketing, there are some social media channels for which it can be difficult to blog or post lengthy written articles. now screams out for more and more visual content 

 Video Ads

Online advertising, whether it is through social media or Google Ads and Bing Ads, is a great way to reach your customers and using video to create your ads gives your business the most engaging way to do so. 


The video marketing revolution it seems, is well and truly under way with the high presence and engaging capability of video.

And... if you believe Video Marketing is right for your business, then you may want to consider Interactive Video.


Seeing is believing. To see for yourself how Excelsier can boost your online visuals, call 07842 076838 or email [email protected]

Excelsier have been extremely helpful and offered me some great advice during my first few months of business. I highly recommend them!

Ruth Cringle, Admin Elite, Burton-on-Trent
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