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We are now in an era where social media now screams out for more and more visual content and engaging moving images.  The social media visual revolution it seems is well and truly under way.

Why is it important? It doesn't matter what social media platforms your business is using, whether it's Google+ or Twitter, Tumblr or Facebook, you need something to grab the attention of your audience. Having visual content that is either, colourful, funny, informative or attractive can help snatch the attention and increase the chances of people reading more of your fabulously captivating posts.  Visual content truly helps engage people.

We offer different types of visual content which can help promote engagement for your business. These can vary from straight-forward images and infographics for your posts, social media headers or covers and YouTube Channel Art, but also we create GIF files which are great at grabbing an audience with a short attention span.


So, what is a GIF? A GIF is probably best described as "the moving pictures you see in the newspapers of Harry Potter films....".  They're like videos, but usually last just a few seconds and then loop back to start over again. They can often be humorous or require just enough attention so as not to bore your audience!  But the best thing is that they work so well with websites and social media.

Make sure your Social Media posts really do stand out and get noticed.

If you would like to know more about GIFs then contact us today.



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Excelsier's clever and inventive use of the various social media platforms available coupled with their knowledge and insight make them an invaluable business connection.

Ross Lowe, Ross Lowe Copywriting, Derby

Excelsier's knowledge in not only the obvious social media platforms out there but also those little hidden gems is second to none.

Brian Milman-Hurst, MD at VOX Digital, Tamworth
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